Sewer Repair Specialist. Underground Utilities Experts.


Sewer and Plumbing experts, Repair Specialists, Underground Utilities Specialists

Is your yard or basement flooding?

Does your  basement leak? Your toilet or plumbing leak or do you have a clogged drain?

24/7 Emergency Sewer Line Repair

We can do your Plumbing Remodel.

Our service area is Seattle, to Tacoma, to Bellevue, and any area is always considered

No Job too Big or Small, We Do It All!

We have always been #1 in the #2 Business

The Right Price, The First Time and On Time!

We will provide you with a FREE custom bid for your Custom Job.

For Sewer Repairs and more Call Blakley Brothers @ 206-246-7422

We have an excellent reputation with back fill, clean up and restoration back to  original appearance.

We have a positive relationship with the local sewer and water districts and are on the work rosters.

Registered in City of Seattle as a Side Sewer Contractor qualifying us to cross over city easements.


We are proudly celebrating our 69th year in business. Merrill's Grandsons have teamed up together and are bringing 1st hand enthusiasm, knowledge and spirit to the team, providing a competitive service to our community.

 We are proud  of our employees. We have remained in these tough economic times with a small crew and we feel they are the BEST of the BEST!  They are experienced and can answer your questions.

We are proud of the fact that a large percentage of our work is from direct result of customer referrals.

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